A explosive cocktail of rock, ska and cumbia powered by a turbocharged Latin American Mojo.

Los Paja Brava is an eclectic group whose Latin roots run deep in Mexican, Chilean, Spanish, and Italian cultures that found each other in Rotterdam. Their coming together creates an explosive cocktail of cumbia, rock, ska, rumba, and dynamite that brings down the house every time they take the stage. With its perfectly chaotic beats, Los Paja Brava unites in the individual passion of its members for what they call “Freak’n Della Distropica”, a sweet and sour mix of the band’s signature style that includes a generous shot of Latin American mojo.

“If no one destroys their shoes on the dance-floor
we don’t consider it a successful show”

Line up:

Kimi Vera – Vocals
Reinaldo “Koko” Donoso – Bass Trombone & Vocals
Alessandro Russo – Sax
Istvan Szogi – Trombone
Carlos H. Jacques – Guitar
Giuseppe Bordasco  – Bass
Javier Herrero – Drums
Javier Infestas – Percussion


New tour dates coming soon...

Carlos Jacques Anderson
tel. +31 646062902

Ties Timmers
tel. +31 652371438