Los Paja Brava


La Mamba it’s the 3rd single of the new album of Los Paja Brava, “Living la Covida Loca”, composed during the weird times of lockdown of the COVID19. This album will be available very soon in all your favourite digital stores, and also will have a special vinyl edition… only for the true music lovers!

In this tune Los Paja Brava get out of their typical sounds, digging up on the spanish roots of some of the band members, having a flamenco rumba as the core of the song, combined with the latin vibes that reminds the classic cuban music, that results in a extremely delicate and danceable tune.

The lyrics of the song are inspired in an anecdote that happened during the recording of the video of “Magdalena Freakandella”. The band was shooting this video on the roof of the Spaanse Kubus, in Rotterdam. In the ground of this roof were some protection ropes, and during the shooting all band members were constantly stepping over them, like a snake was attacking them only the time, that’s why… Cuidado con la Mamba!   

This song is entirely composed, produced and recorded by Los Paja Brava, and they have the special collaboration of Luna Zegers, that recorded some amazing backing vocals, thanks a lot Luna!