Los Paja Brava



In these weird times with everybody locked down in their houses because of the Covid-19, we want to share with you some positive energy with this amazing song!

We have invited different musicians from all around the world to record from their own living rooms. All together we came up with this incredible alternative latin vibe.

From 15th May you will find it on every streaming platform, don’t forget to subscribe to watch all new things coming up. Stand up and enjoy life again!

Guest musicians:

  • Lydia Hornung: (Vocals, Germany)
  • Eva Lavooij (Vocals, Netherlands)
  • Irene Gabarron (Flute, Spain)
  • Carlos Alberto Parada (Clarinet, Colombia)
  • Hikmet Altunbaslier (Trumpet, Turkey)
  • Daniel Quiles (Trombone, Belgium)
  • Pablo Briones (Tuba, Chile)
  • Ingeborg Torvanger (Violoncello, Norway)
  • Claudio Martínez (Vocals, Mexico)

Special thanks to Hanna Nicoline and Asja Lorencic.